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Lilly Martin

World Class Blues

Lilly Martin and Band are world class music entertainers in the genres of Blues, Soul and SoulJazz. They are getting their sound around and shaking ground at festivals and clubs. On their latest release, THE ROADHOUSE MISSION - you will find a live-in-concert, presentation of blues and soul.

Invigorating, sometimes rough and other times tender. The music from their previous release, THE VELVET MISSION, was simply the flip side of the same coin of passion; a collection of SoulJazz interpretations with a laid back flair, lightly seasoned with blues. THE ROADHOUSE MISSION is where Lilly's otherwise eclectic mix of blues, soul and souljazz predominantly highlights her personal angle with the BLUES.


Lilly Martin, vocals
Michael Dolmetsch
, keyboard
Tom Beck, drums
Oliver Keller, guitar
Markus Fritzsche, bass


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